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Our Services

Detail sales

Detailed quotations and photos and sample videos before customer made the order.

Rental Services

A wide range of heavy construction equipment is now provided by us. We offer few types of construction machine which are typically used in construction industries. Sheng Poh Machinery Ptd Ltd brings you variety of construction equipment that can accommodate even the most demanding construction applications. These equipment are guaranteed efficient, safe, reliable and durable that can provide solution to your needs.

Own Production Machine

We have own factory in Malaysia to manufacture and install machine , so we can give customer a better and cheaper price compare to others retail shop .

Machinery Education Teaching or Demo

We have provide installation instructions when customers received the machines.

Trade in Used Machine

We have trade in Customer used machine or exchange the spare parts from used machine to new machine.

Spare Parts

In order to reduce machine downtime, we maintain an inventory of spare parts and machine accessories. Also, we work with our principals to provide tool parts rebuilding services. Simply contact us and we will give you a quotation.

Engineering Solutions

We provide engineering solutions to improve your productivity by introducing State-of-the-Art technology coupled with unique production processes. Not only will we provide the machine that best suits your production needs, we will also assist you in finding the best methods to enhance your business productivity.

Service Support

Service is our strength. Supported by a team of professional, experienced and well trained   specialists, We also provides comprehensive manufacturing solutions, machine applications, installation and maintenance. We believe that by providing solutions that are beyond expectations we will be able to make the different.


We provide State-of-the-Art automation solutions for your production needs. Not only do we assist you in finding the best solution to increase your business productivity, we also aim to help you lower your costs in order to maximize your profits..


At Sheng Poh Machinery Pte Ltd , our engineers provide training for your staff to get them up to speed on the latest machine tool technology and we pledge to train your workforce to be more productive and efficient.